Olmiite was found through the years in a large variety of habits and colours. Most specimens displayed here originate from pockets discovered in 2006 and 2007 in the hanging wall of the manganese layer. Among those, the jelly-like specimens come from a completely different area, about 4 km away from the other finds. In 2009, one pocket was found in the foot wall of the manganese layer. This yielded specimens with translucent crystals and good lustre. A few specimens, associated with gemmy calcite, stem from the most recent finds in September 2016. All specimens were photographed using halogen lighting, which is common practice for olmiites.

Olmiite (OL042)

with calcite

$ 100.00

Olmiite (OL039)

with dog tooth calcite, on matrix

$ 150.00

Olmiite (OL003)

with calcite on banded ironstone

$ 100.00

Olmiite (OL004)

the matrix is brecciated with calcite crystals

$ 150.00

Olmiite (OL005)

cluster of olmiite crystals with calcite and fibres of xonotlite

$ 75.00

Olmiite (OL007)

with gemmy calcite. "Chocolate pocket" from September 2016 find

$ 140.00

Olmiite (OL008)

$ 100.00

Olmiite (OL009)

$ 100.00

Olmiite (OL010)

drusy olmiite, uncommon

$ 100.00

Olmiite (OL033)

very good lustre

$ 450.00