All specimens come from one pocket found in 2017 in the hanging wall of the maganese layer. The pocket was in 6m height and the hanging wall was unstable and therefore difficult to mine. Translucent golden-yellow hexagonal dipyramidal crystals. The brown colour on some of the speciemens reflects a natural alteration of the crystal.

Sturmanite (ST003)

with manganite, on matrix

$ 60.00

Sturmanite (ST010)

$ 25.00

Sturmanite (ST012)

with hematite

$ 35.00

Sturmanite (ST014)

$ 25.00

Sturmanite (ST015)

with manganite, on matrix

$ 20.00

Sturmanite (ST016)

$ 20.00

Sturmanite (ST017)

with manganite

$ 40.00

Sturmanite (ST018)

with manganite

$ 30.00

Sturmanite (ST019)

$ 250.00

Sturmanite (ST021)

with brucite

$ 50.00